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Education verification process in India

Education verification services or Certificate verification services for all major universities in India can be done by Sirius at affordable cost within the best TAT so please reach out to sirius@siriusinfos.com for more details. Education check is an easy and cost effective way to determine the validity and accuracy of an applicant’s educational history. Education check includes the degree received, dates of attendance, graduation date, and any special recognition or awards. Frequently, information supplied by the applicant is either false or inflated, we found 20 out of 100 fake education cases that we received Having false information, one can make an incorrect decision for the business so in order to protect from bad hiring Sirius will help you in this regard. #education verification in india, #education check in india ,#certificate verification in india, #certificate check in india #education verification in Hyderabad, #education check in Hyderabad,#certificate verification in Hyderabad, #certificate check in Hyderabad

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