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We verify the professional background of the employee from the Reporting managers or Peers by contacting them through email and phone.

Details are carried out with the professional reference verification such as

  • Employer Name
  • Employment Background
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Behaviour in the team
  • Relation with Peers and Supervisors
  • Integrity and Work Ethics
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Attitude Towards Work
  • Overall Job Performance Rating


TAT (Turn-Around Time)

 5-10 Business days

Documents required for reference verification

Official email and contact number of reporting manager


Why organizations need reference verification of employees

Inorder to know the employee behavioural aspects and conduct of the candidate organizations should conduct professional reference verification.

So Sirius recommend all organizations to make reference verification as a background check for all their experienced employees to prevent from bad hire.

Sample Report

Please write an email to sirius@siriusinfos.com for sample report.