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Now a days, Profile verification is mandatory for who apply foreign jobs in Asia, In profile verification we verify full profile of an applicant including Education and Employment credentials by contacting universities and previous employers and then we issue a profile verification certificate at the earliest.

Details are carried out with the profile verification such as

  • Highest qualification check
  • Previous employment check
  • Passport check
Please send a email to sirius@siriusinfos.com for the verification of profile verification certificates issued by us,We publish profile verification details on the website if applicants are allowed us to publish, few of the certificates we had issued are found in the below table.
S.No Certificate# Name
1. PV/14/2014 M Ganesh
2. PV/15/2014 R Naidu
3. PV/16/2014 P Saurabh
4. PV/3G/2021 Mahesh Chandra
5. PV/3C/2021 Lokesh Kumar
6. PV/3E/2021 Mirza Osman Ali Baig Faraz