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In address verification, Physical visits will be made by a field executive to confirm current, permanent and previous residential addresses of the candidate.

Details are carried out with the address verification such as

  • Name of met person
  • Relationship with Candidate
  • Type of the accommodation
  • Period of stay
  • Residence status like Own or Rent
  • Date and Time of visit
  • Neighbour confirmation
  • Photographs of House and landmark
  • Contact numbers of the met persons (if provided by them)

Neighbor confirmation in order to confirm the correct details of the person whose address verification is conducted,in few cases we provide additional details based on client’s requirement.

TAT(Turn-Around Time)

 5-15 Business days

Documents required for address verification

Complete address with proper landmark

Why organizations need address verification of employees

Candidates fake their address if they wanted to hide their criminal history and mask their identity so organizations should make sure the address provided by the candidate is correct or not.

For carrying out pre-hiring and post-termination process such as sending out offer letters, application paperwork, or final agreement files and dues. In sure cases, it can be beneficial for sending out legal notices.

So Sirius recommend all organizations to make address verification as mandatory background check for all their employees to prevent bad hires.

Sample Report

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